T minus 88 days.

Didn’t run home last night.  I had to stay late at work and got a phone call from TFMS saying she is picking me up because the weather outside is disgusting…what would I know, my office is in the middle of a factory.  When I got outside it was beautiful, crisp, clear, but dark.  I didn’t put much of a fight up in refusing a ride home, mainly because I didn’t get to leave work on time.

I have had my entry form for the Adelaide Marathon (88 days to go!) filled in and sitting on my desk since Monday.  Don’t know what is holding me back from faxing it in and committing, maybe because I don’t know if I have the mental toughness to do the training and complete the marathon yet, maybe I am just lazy, or maybe I don’t want to waste the money if I get injured.  Bugger it I will fax it now…

*edit – and done…gulp!*



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6 responses to “T minus 88 days.

  1. Are you financially committed now?? Good luck, no point delaying the inevitable- you will run it and you will become one of those amazing people called “marathoners”.

  2. how exciting!! You’re doing it now, no getting out of it. You’ll be fine – you’re a running machine lately 🙂 and now that you’re committed it might give you that extra boost with the mental battles …

  3. Sekhmet

    You’re a brave man! I’ve no doubt you’ll do well – you’re training has been really solid lately and you’ve been going great guns with your PB’s

    Roll on Adelaide marathon I say!

  4. The long runs start now! 🙂

  5. Good on you for sending off the form. I’m one of your lurkers – I really enjoy reading your blog. I found you via Sarah.

  6. genuinebeauty

    love your blog, random comment. Keep on writing!

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