May wrap up

Wow, what a month.  Possibly the best month running wise I have had…ever!  During May I completed 21 runs, covering 216km in 22hrs32mins.  Average pace was 6:15.  That brings my YTD total to almost 900km so I should smash through 1000k early this month 🙂

May started out with a PB at the Greenbelt HM.  Honestly it was a soft 8min PB because I didn’t taper for this race and dawdled the first 7k, but that was the plan and I can’t help it if I have improved so much since last May!  Next came my maiden and probably only ever 10km win when I overcame the disappointment of not going under 55mins in April by running a 1:30min PB and 53:45.
Fast forward a week and I put it all together in the SMH half to run under 2hrs for another PB.  So what a successful month, finally knocking off some of my original running goals with only 2 more to go…5k in under 25mins and finishing a marathon.  So by the end of the year I may have to finally set some new goals!

Quoting 2007 goals from the the start of the year/new blog:

“Number 1 Goal, and one which I have been working to since late last year (building a base)…Finish a marathon, yep all 42.2km.  This isn’t where I want this running road to lead, it is not the final destination, more like a stop along the way.  Last years big stop was a half marathon, I only did one, so will be also aiming for more of those this year.

Basically all my time goals from last year will carry over with the added goal of finishing a marathon:
5k – 25mins
10k – 55mins
21.1k – 2hr
42.2k – just finish

As far as races go, I want to finish all the races I raced last year with PBs, run all those I wanted to run last year but didn’t.  This includes a sub 60min city2bay.  Another goal is to get to Sydney for the SMH half.

On the personal front, by the time Marathon time comes around in August I want to be running at less than 110kg”

Well then on reflection, aren’t I just careering along at a breakneck speed toward achieving all of those.  The only one I can’t see my quite attaining is the sub 60min C2B, only time will tell.

Oh, yeah, BTW I ran home from work last night, it wasn’t the most comfortable run, as I ate an apple 45 mins before I left, but it was solid none the less 😉



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2 responses to “May wrap up

  1. Lulu

    Wow, what a month of achievements. I’m sure the rest of those goals will tumble in due course.

  2. Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

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