Beasto III – First Blood

Wore my new Beasts (my third pair) this morning for their second outing, and their first taste of blood.  The trade off between wearing the 10.5 size and the 11 size is that the 11s sometimes cause slicing of skin between the little toes, while the 10.5s just cause blistering and general pain around the big toes.

After running back to work again this morning I am feeling really tired, tomorrow is definitely a rest and sleep in day!  OK this post is getting pretty random and non-coherent so I will finish with some running stats.

Today I ran my 100th run for this year! wahoo! that is about 9 runs a fortnight.  That is way more consistent than last year and I am averaging 41kms per week or 6km per day, which I think gives me some sort of platform to launch my marathon quest off.  Over the next couple of months I expect to see that average climb as I look to put in 60 to 80 km weeks. 


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  1. We love the random posts! Congrats on the 100th run. by the way…what is a fortnight?

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