Bringing back the running mojo

Got on the bike Monday for a X-Training session.  Only the second time this year I have dragged out the exercise bike and it was good recovery from the 30k the day before.  Hopefully it will also trick my body into moving a bit more weight too.

Now that Bella has got her cone off I took her for a run yesterday.  Just 5k, but it was also only the second time she has been for a run with me.  Unfortunately she likes running through mud and puddles a little too much.

Today was just a run home from work…all at an easy pace, though some dimwit decided to roll down his window and yell “FAT FUCK” at me…I just smiled and waved…I was too preoccupied visualising the 26th of August, finishing strong just as the clock ticks over 4hr12mins…there now I have given away my dream time target.



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6 responses to “Bringing back the running mojo

  1. Geez some people are real bright aren’t they? What a moron – I’m surprised you could understand him though, most of the time it just sounds like “Munnoouuurgrghhhh!” or something similar. I also hate it when they feel the need to blast their car horn and scare the bejesus out of you, happened to me last night grrrrrrrrrr

    I’m sure you’ll be much closer to 4hrs, I’m certainly looking forward to reading about your marathon debut – hurry up will ya 😉

  2. How very zen of you not to give that prat the finger.

  3. I had that happen to me once too – you feel like yelling out to them ‘Oh yeah? I’d like to see you run!’

    Just remember that if they need to put down others, its generally to make themselves feel better!

  4. Lulu

    I hate those prats! Always ruins a good run for me. Hope Bella enjoyed the run too.

  5. Glad you got the worst run ever out of your system. Makes you realise how far a marathon is eh?

    I like the goal – 5 minutes-something per kilometre 🙂

  6. Intelligent specimen. I bet he/she is related to the guy who felt the need to lean out the car window and shout “faggot” at my gay friend. Or the lady that told me to move over on the bus seat when I was already over as far as I could go. Very special. I applaud your composure.

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