Long time, no blogging?

I haven’t posted for a while, but rest assured I have been around.  At the start of last week I was feeling really heavy in the legs so had a light week, including a 14km run on the weekend.  Now it is time for the final assault at training for the marathon, two weeks before taper.  I intend to keep the mileage reasonably low during the week with a 30+km run on each of the last two weekends before taper.  Hopefully this is enough to get me to the finish line in 26 days time.  I have been very conscious of not trying to do too many miles lately and end up injured and burnt out…luckily for me circumstances have meant that running is not my main obsession at the moment and has taken a little bit of a back seat.  Among other things, I bought a shiny new guitar last night as the ones I currently have are a little Mickey Mouse and I wanted something a little more serious after I started jamming with friends on Thursday nights.For now I am happy that I haven’t completely fallen off the running band wagon, while chewing down my nails nervous that I haven’t done enough training to be happy with my marathon debut, but what can you do.  This running caper isn’t like an exam where you can cram 2 days before, it is like some serious long term commitment, consistency and controlled preparation gig.  Pitty I was always a crammer.



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2 responses to “Long time, no blogging?

  1. You’ve done a lot of consistent work Simlin. Don’t talk yourself down b/c you haven’t done as much as some others – you’ve certainly done MORE than many. Good luck 🙂

  2. Get those two long ones in and you’ll be fine. Well, fine for 30k. The last 12k of a marathon is not usually fine for most runners, but, it’s only 12k.

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