Getting Legs.

Commitment, that is all that is needed from here on in. 21 days to go (to my debut marathon…c’mon keep up people).  Today’s penultimate long run was a test in commitment…keepin’ on keepin’ on when the legs want to pack their bags and go home. 

I was better prepared for today’s run than the previous couple…no beer and no night calf cramps the night before and I set off at 6:30am at a gentle 7min+ pace.  After 1:58min in one direction I turned around and headed for home.  There were now many other runners out as I ran along the Torren’s through the city and this might have contributed to the pace increasing to about 6:30min/km pace.  Now as I started pushing the limit of my training to date the legs begun to protest quite loudly.  First I tried to reduce the pace, but I was stuck in the 6:30 groove and couldn’t slow down.  I pushed on, taking my half hourly 1min walk/drink breaks as scheduled.  Down to the last three k’s I stopped for my last drink break and even had a stretch and then after starting out at the slowest pace I could muster (6:30) I opened up the throttle a little heading up the long slow 3k slope home and the extra effort took the pressure off the legs and I shuffled it home for 33.6km in 3hr46min.

Corporate Cup kicks off this week on Wednesday, 4.3km.  Don’t think I will be running it hard till the third run…after the marathon…but you know…everyone has a competitive streak…even someone as non-competitive as me.



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7 responses to “Getting Legs.

  1. ajh

    Well done mate on another long run …. you’re doing better than me, I only managed 22km last Friday!

  2. Gronk

    Well done mate. I found the longest runs actually harder than the race. You’re looking good !

  3. Great run. Looking good for August 26th!
    Just got invited to a 30th party in Adelaide on the 25th so hopefully I’ll be there to see you over the line 🙂

  4. yay, someone to take photos…if you aren’t too hung-over

  5. Well done, you will be sooo ready on the 26th 🙂

  6. Now I know you can do it. What Gronk said is true (until 37km). Just lock in the right pace from the start.

    Don’t do the Corporate Cup until 4 weeks after the marathon!

  7. Nice job on the run…

    … I was completely wiped… I couldn’t stay up late to read the book. Sleep comes first, no matter how good a book is!

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