Time to Taper

OK, the training is done…time to taper and bide my time until the 26th.  Today’s effort was 36k in 4hr30mins.

I set off just before dawn and had a change of route 3k in, deciding to run along Grand Junction rd to Anstey’s Hill, which I have been meaning to do for ages.  After then running around the back of TTP  I joined back onto a usual route up Macyntire Hill.  The pace started really slow and stayed slow, much slower than last week.  On the way back down Bridge Rd I looped past home under quite a bit of pressure and lightened the load for the last 1hr30mins.  I ran by Bella’s obedience class but it had finished and they had all been dismissed.

On the way home I ran for a couple of hundred metres with a lady who was training for the marathon, but her main aim was the Sri Chimnoy 24hr race.  She is going to turn 60 on the day of the race and so is aiming tfor 60miles…but then she went on to say that the record for her age group is 109km so she is going to be trying hard to beat that too.

She stopped for a walk and I finished up my run…I forgot to mention that I almost gave up and walked home after throwing a hissy fit 5km into the run when I broke my headphones trying to put them from my neck to my ears…useless pieces of crap!  I cannot highly enough NOT recommend sony sport headphones…they are soft, fragile, pieces of CRAP!…sorry working myself up again.



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4 responses to “Time to Taper

  1. All the hard work is done. Take it easy now and look forward to the big day.

    Thanks for the tip on the Sony headphones. Will keep it in mind.

  2. So how many pairs is that now? $40 a pop aren’t they?! That’s so cool running with that lady training for the 24hr. Hope you see her again.

  3. Breathe in…breathe out…..
    ooooh now it’s getting really exciting!

  4. wow, where does the time go … ? Here’s hoping for a good taper!

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