I’ve been tagged.

Jobs I’ve Held Baby Sitter, Live in Baby Sitter, Music Teacher, Administration Officer (NT Government), Child Care Worker, Validation Engineer, Process Engineer.

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over Star Wars, Super Troopers, About a boy.

My Guilty Pleasures Cinnimon Donuts, Pop Music, Chick Flicks (edit: I forgot to mention The Dirty Bird).

Places I have lived (in order) Bourke NSW, Warran NSW, Carnamah WA, Port Lincoln SA, Palmerston NT, Adelaide SA. 

Shows I enjoy House, Spics and Specs, Chaser’s War on Everything, Sunrise, NCIS, Medium. 

Places I Have Been on Holiday anywhere on Mainland Australia really.  You name it and I have probably been there, driven past/through there

Favorite Foods Hot Cinnimon Donuts, Mango, Mashed Potato, fresh cut hot chips.

Websites I Visit Daily www.bloglines.com (and most of the feeds on it, blogs, news and entertainment feeds), www.Coolrunning.com.au, www.facebook.com, www.tv.com.au,  www.google.com.au, www.en.wikipedia.com, www.afl.com.au

Body Parts I Have Injured No real serious injuries not running related (hammy, ITB etc) to report…except to say that I once had a 1inch tree spike/thorn thingy removed from my head.

Awards I’ve Won Dux of Primary School, 1997 u15 LEP Table Tennis Champion, 1999 High School Science Award, 1998 Glynn Baker Composing and Arranging Award.  I once won 2nd prize in a beauty contest…oh hang on that was in a game of monopoly.

Nicknames You’ve Been Called None really, a few derogatory insults about being a teachers pet/ goody goody twoshoes in primary school though. 

Pick 5 Other Bloggers I choose you All! If you are reading this and you have a blog, consider yourself Tagged…I don’t have time or the diplomatic skills to indivually single you out.


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  1. Same things for me: Cinnimon Donuts, About A Boy, Spics and Specs, Uluru, Bloglines, Mango.

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