Corporate Cup 2007 – Run 2 – 4.3km footpath

OK, so thanks Sparkdriver I was convinced by one of my team to pace them through the run.  Last week I finished with him in 22:46, and he was keen to improve that time but inexperienced at pacing etc.  I agreed to pace him and actually tried to use my virtual trainer on the Garmin for the first time since I bought it.  I set the target time for 22:30 and we were off.  After a kilometer we were only 20metres behind the virtual runner.  My team mate had tagged onto a runner who went passed us early on and paced off him for a lap.  I shadowed them, never to far behind as by the time we finished a lap we were ahead of the pace and 15sec up (split for 1 lap was 11minutes flat)…I just got flash backs to the effort I had to put in last year to do an 11min lap (it resulted in a positive split).

Not long after the first lap the guy my team-mate was pacing off began to tire and slow-down and I quickly caught up and took over the pacing till the end, maintaining the pace all ready established and finishing in 21:43.  15sec negative split, 1minute improvement from run 1 and 47sec CC pb for me! (I think this years course is 100m shorter though).  On the extra plus side the legs felt great and I never had to go into top gear, hovering at about 80-90% effort. 

Run 2006 Time Pace 2007 Time Pace
1 24:36 5:41 22:46 5:17
2 24:30 5:40 21:43 5:03
3 23:01 5:19
5 25:34 5:52
6 22:30 5:10
7 22:29 5:10

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One response to “Corporate Cup 2007 – Run 2 – 4.3km footpath

  1. Nothing like an ‘easy’ PB. Things are looking good for Sunday.

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