Oh the temptation!

I am about to rip my ears off in frustration.  Today we have a morning tea for a departing employee…no doubt there will be pastries, ham and cheese croissants and DONUTS! damn, how can I resist! Then to cap things off it was decided yesterday that, pretty much our entire department is going out for the Dirty Bird (KFC) today for lunch!  Nooooooo.  My two weaknesses – donuts and the Dirty Bird all in one day…stay focused Simon there are bigger things afoot here…proper nutrition for the marathon for a start!  Concentrate…you have a container of pasta in your bag for lunch…

 Edit: sorry andrew I couldn’t be rude…he is leaving for ever! Mind you I only had a few selected items.  I really was quite well behaved.  Maybe that explains why there was so much left over 🙂

Edit 2: I had my pasta and apple for lunch…and about a litre of water, man it was hot sitting in the sun.



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11 responses to “Oh the temptation!

  1. I hope your next post is to tell us about how strong you were in resisting those temptations!

  2. Plu

    HI Simon,

    Have a great run on the weekend. You have done all the work and all you can do. above all just enjoy the run.

    The first one is a great experience and when you get tired in the last 10-12 km just process it and move on.

    Honestly, the race is easy – the hard work is the discipline of the training and you have done that really well.

    It’s your day – enjoy.

    cheers Plu

  3. Well done. I’m not sure, though, why your ears were in danger of being ripped off. Surely it’s your mouth and stomach that causes all the problems? 🙂

  4. Gronk

    Best of luck with the Big Kahuna mate. Take it easy and remember, it’s just another Sunday long run.

  5. Sekhmet

    So glad I’m vego, I used to have KFC like once a year and it always made me feel ill after 😳

    Have a great run this weekend, can’t wait to read the race report!

  6. I hope it’s not too hot on Sunday. The salt in KFC will to you good. Drink up tomorrow (not Coopers).

    Plu’s right – enjoy the first one and you might come back for more.


    And GOOD LUCK for Sunday 🙂

  8. ajh

    No problems with a little indulgence Simlin, as long as you are sensible. I have to admit to having a couple of Krispy Kremes at work the other day for a similar function as yours!

    Good luck for the big race.

  9. morseyruns

    Good luck Simlin- I fell under the spell of the dirty bird last night after work drinks dammit, it was good. Hope it all goes to plan!

  10. My other tip is not to sit up watching Osaka until 11pm when Benita runs in the 10000.

    This time tomorrow, you’ll be a marathoner!

  11. Mmmm… I love donuts!!! Not so much KFC… I think I ate there twice in my entire life!

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