Race Report – Adelaide Marathon 42.2k – PB

I am a Marathon Runner…meaning I finished a marathon.

Here is a photo of me with my Bling!


I felt like a fantastic super strong marathon runner for 25km today and like a complete virgin marathon runner for 17km.

 I had a relaxing Saturday and was in bed at 8:30pm with all my gear ready and laid out.  The start was interesting at the new location of Santos Athletics Stadium and the start of the race came around quickly with 1 and 1/2 laps of the track before heading out on the road to Glenelg.

The first five kilometers was relaxing and after hitting the first km split at 6min on the nose the following 4 where all bang on 6min/k.  Yeah, “I rock I” thought.  I was feeling great and the splits began to fall no matter how much I tried to hold back.  I think I was a little over confident and for one fleeting moment in the next 10k even thought about a 4hr finish.

Once we hit Glenelg the weight and size of my head, the strong headwind and the sun begin to take their toll.  I was starting to feel tired way too early, I went through the half marathon in 2hr3mins, a little quick…so there was time in the bank…not really the plan though.

Running against the majority of the half marathon field and marathon field as they were returning from the Grange turn around got me through the next 4km, but by the turn around I was gone.  I had hit the wall hard…it was 6ft wide plated in 6inches of lead and buffeted by a strong Nor-Wester.  All right take a non-scheduled walk break and suck it in.  Then the doubts set in…you went out too fast you idiot…noob mistake.  Should have held that 6min/k.

Adelaide Marathon RouteAdelaide Marathon RouteAfter the turn around the wind dropped to nothing as I was running with it and I had a few more walk breaks before seeing Rachel in the distance.  Put the CR cap back on, sucked it up and jogged till I passed her, for a photo op.  By that stage I was clinging to a reduced pace, slowed by frequent walk breaks .

I was wearing my fuelbelt but every bottle had Gatorade in it, which was proving too sweet now, so I was chugging down the water at drink stations.  Just after I got onto the Torren’s  I had had it, I was shagged.  The legs had gone to shite and were completely seized up.  I managed to get a few slow jogs in as the kilometers went by increasingly slowly…especially when I saw the official photographer at the bottom of a hill.  Soon walking became a struggle and all the people I passed in the first half of the race and even up to the start of the Torren’s started going passed me.  The fuelbelt was irritating my hips so I took it off and hung it around my neck or slung it like an ammo belt.  DNF was high on my list of things to do over these last 13k but luckily my mental toughness isn’t completely soft, only Jelly soft.

There was one point in that last long stretch, where I actually took one step toward the river embankment to sit down and DNF…what was I thinking.  Most of the last 15km was spent thinking about how I was never running a Marathon again, it was too far, too hard.  Admittedly the mental battle was lost, so there was no hope for the rest of the race.  It wasn’t till I got over the fact that I wasn’t going to make my time goal and just be happy that I finished my first marathon!, that I thought about how I would do the next one better.  Sadly that wasn’t till the last 4k.

Coming into the final stretch towards the stadium car park I managed to quicken into a shuffle and then a jog getting a cheer into the stadium by Bella, TFMS, Rachel and Stu.  Wahoo.  Made it before the presentations (just) and pushed out a reasonable final lap of the stadium to stop the clock in 4:48:xx.

Details of the run below.  It’s not pretty.

Race - Adelaide Marathon 26-08-2007, Split pace  

More later after I sleep on it.

CR sightings today were numerous for Adelaide…Rundave, Fethers, Chilliman, Cakeboy (Derwood), Rachel49 and Sunny.  Plus someone yelled out Simlin but I don’t know who it was.  I also saw the almost 60 year old I have seen the last too weekend training runs and she called out “GO VALLEY VIEW”…the suburb I have seen her in twice now as we didn’t do name exchanges…but we gave each other a rather large extravagant wave.



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17 responses to “Race Report – Adelaide Marathon 42.2k – PB

  1. Rachel

    Congratulations on finishing Simon. Savour the moment……you are a marathoner 🙂

  2. Sekhmet

    congratulations on toughing it out today – a gutsy effort 🙂

  3. supachick

    Congratulations Simlin
    At the end of the day, you wont remember how tough it was – just that you finished – you did it, and you’ve done more than most! I’m so impressed!
    There’s so much to learn in every race and no doubt the next one (yes there will be another) you will be able to benefit from the learnings from this one.
    Lisa (supachick)

  4. supachick

    By the way – you didn’t really make the 1/2 in 1hr3mins did you?

  5. Gronk

    Well done mate. You set your self a goal of running the biog one and did exactly that. Don’t be too hard on yourself enjoy the achievement.

  6. Plu

    Hi Simlin,

    Yep you are a marathon runner.

    Except for 27 km you were alright to 30km and you just experienced what everyone one else experiences – the last 12km.

    It is hard to take slowing down when you have trained so hard but it happens.

    Well done.


  7. Tesso

    Huuuge congrats Simlin!!! What a day you had. But hey, if these things were easy everyone would be doing them. And lots would even if they were a little bit hard. But they are sooooooo tough.

    Take some time to sit back, hold that medal, and bask in the glory of what you have achieved.

    Oh, and welcome to the marathon club. We don’t just admit anyone you know 🙂

  8. Dave (cakeboy)

    A great, gutsy effort, Simlin. You looked pretty knackered with 13kms to go, so I was happy to hear you made it. Congratulations.

    Here’s my post race tip: it will become increasingly more comfortable sleeping with the medal round your neck; just give it time….

  9. Congratulations mate. I hope the perspective of time will make you less hard on yourself – you toughed it out!

  10. seescottrun

    Well done, not everyone can lay claims to being a marathoner…. and ohh the memories you invoked. Your story of pain and contemplating a DNF are quite common.

  11. Congratulations Simon. You’re right – a smaller and lighter head will help in the next one 😉

    That’s a good graphic representation of the wall. It’s about 10 minutes high! Looks like 6:10s or thereabouts would have been a good pace for the first 25k.

  12. morseyruns

    Congratulations Simlin- great effort- you are now one of those people I talk about in reverential tones, well done marathon man.

  13. Good stuff dude – only tough people did what you have achieved

  14. Welcome to the club my friend.

    I don’t give a shit how you did it but you completed a marathon woohoo!!

    I lot of your thoughts toward the end reminded me of my marathon. Sorry I had to laugh at “Most of the last 15km was spent thinking about how I was never running a Marathon again”, sounds very familar.

    Great job!!

  15. wardman

    great work Simlin, great mental battle won regardless of the time frame, plus just think of the fact that you will almost certainly run a pb in your next marathon:)

    well done

  16. kathy

    Way to go Simlin. I am so proud of you for achieving a marathon. I’m even more proud because you toughed it out past the point where you nearly stopped. That’s a tremendous effort.

    You rock!

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