Corporate Cup 2007 – Run 3 – 4.3km Footpath

Today I was informed by my team mate that he wanted to try for 21 minutes flat, or a 46 sec PB.  I said OK and set my Garmy training assistant accordingly.  After a short detour home to pick up the shoes i had forgotten to pack in the morning we registered awaiting our alotted start time.

This week the weather was about the same ~19°C but with a headwind down the back straight.  We started out at 11:45 with a quicker group than last time and my team-mate took off trying to keep up with a few of them (again).  I settled in about 40m behind trying to hold a good pace and keep ahead of the training assistant.  It was hard work as I hadn’t done much of a warm-up but he dragged me through that first lap spot on 10min30sec.  Now he was starting to tire and although I didn’t pull him back that quickly we were running side by side with about a 1/4 of a lap to go and I told him to just keep it together and we would make it.  From memory the garmy was telling me I was doing consistent 4:50 splits and we crossed the finish line (after I gave everyone crowding around it a big shout of “GET OUT OF THE WAY!”) in 20min50sec.  WooHoo, a 10sec negative split and another big PB! 

I was pushing consistently hard today all of the way around but hopefully I can get another 50sec out of my legs over the second half of the Corporate Cup races, as long as the weather doesn’t get too warm.  Maybe a sprint finish?  Maybe a better warm up and a faster first lap?  I recon’ I still have another gear (turn of pace as Buster said he didn’t have in the 5000m final) if I need it, I mean I didn’t even feel like throwing up at the end.

Run 2006 Time Pace 2007 Time Pace
1 24:36 5:41 22:46 5:17
2 24:30 5:40 21:43 5:03
3 23:01 5:19 20:50 4:50
5 25:34 5:52
6 22:30 5:10
7 22:29 5:10


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4 responses to “Corporate Cup 2007 – Run 3 – 4.3km Footpath

  1. 2P

    Woooo congrats on the PB Simlin – that endurance base from the Big M is paying off!

  2. Wow mate you are certainly reaping the benefits of all that hard work you speedster you 🙂

  3. 4:50s! Slow down or you’ll be leaving me eating your dust.

  4. ajh

    Go Simlin – another PB = good work!

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