Thank God it is October

 OK, lets sweep September under the carpet.  I failed to register 100k last month for the first time this year, so now that it is October, it is time to step back up.  This months strategy is leg strengthening with the aim to run 6000m of elevation (previous max month is 4000m in March 2007).  I started out by running from Amber’s Gully to Black Hill and return.

The run to Black hill was along Ambers Gully Fire track which linked up with the Main Ridge Fire track.  After 2.5km I was into the clouds.  So much for the beautiful views.  The track was steep in parts and I walked most moderate to steep parts.  By the time I made it to the black hill can (or what is left of it) visibility was down to 20m, which was quite eerie when people emerged from the mist in front of you.

The return journey was shorter as I took the Sugar Loaf walking trail which proved quite tricky in parts as it was a narrow, steep technical trail and I kept running into people coming up the other way.  So yesterday was about 9.5km, 1hr20mins and 600m climb.

Now for some puppy photos πŸ™‚






P9300224  PA010297



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3 responses to “Thank God it is October

  1. TriNoob

    Training by elevation? That’s an interesting plan… I like the sweeping of September under the carpet – I didn’t even manage halfway to 100k 😳

  2. 2P

    Sounds like a great run – only 5,400m to go πŸ˜‰

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