Mysterious Foot Pain.

After a rather bouistrous Friday night at the Adelaide German Club for Oktoberfest.  I woke up Saturday morning with a sore left foot…there go the best laid plans and all.  It hurts on top of my foot when I put downward pressure on the inside ball.  It seemed to ease over the weekend and I even went to squash last night with the intention of not playing, but after a casual warm up it didn’t seem to be getting any worse or hindering me much so I played a couple of sets.

It hasn’t got any worse this morning, though I tested it out with a short run up the driveway, which wasn’t too promising last night.  Now time to surf the net and self diagnose…what the hell is wrong with it…and don’t say it was due to those uncoordinated dance moves I was doing on Friday night…oh, you didn’t see them…well that is just as well.



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4 responses to “Mysterious Foot Pain.

  1. TriNoob

    Ah yes, the mysterious foot pain. That sounds kinda similar to something I did a couple of years ago. A rather “big” night at a party and I woke unable to walk. I went to the ED and got Xrays as I was convinced I had broken it, fortunately nothing broken but it was soft tissue damage which is far more painful. A week of rest and limping and it was all betterer. It was most amusing having the Dr ask what happened and I said “There was a party, there was drink, then I woke up and couldn’t walk…”

    I would just take some anti-inflams and rest up a while, I’m sure you’ll be good to go in a few days 😀

  2. Also you may have bruised it and might have to tie your shoes a bit differently for a while.
    Sounds like a top do 🙂

  3. How much ascent in the driveway?

  4. I self diagnosed stress fractures because of a pain in my foot but it turned out to be inflamed tendon sheath along the top of my foot- physio will sort it out very quickly. (Wayward heel on the dance floor??- those stilettos can really hurt!)

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