On Track

I am back on the tracks.  Now all I have to do is find the right groove.

With TFMS away for two weeks training in Brisbane I am at home alone with the fur kids and managed to get out for a run last night.  I had a committee meeting 5 mins walk from home so after the meeting I ran home via a round-a-out route for 3.5km.  The ankle felt ok and the swelling has almost gone down completely.

Now to try and ease back into some fitness and consistency.  I have really noticed the lack of energy and some shrinking pants, and the trick now is to ease back into a routine without over doing it and going for too much too soon.  It would take a HUGE month to meet my 2007 goal of 2007km, so I know the temptation is there to do too much, but there won’t be much opportunity seeing as I am away this weekend.  The guys I jam with and I are playing in a small country pub for a bit of a lark…hehe should be fun and it is far enough away that know-one we know could be bothered making the trip.



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2 responses to “On Track

  1. Those pesky shrinking pants. Such a pain.
    Have fun jammin’ – what do you play?

  2. And if you get kicked out of town, nobody will know 😉
    I’ll take a guess at 1,957km.

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