Tempting Fate

Last night I pulled on the running shoes for another run.  My legs were sore and a started out along Dry Creek towards the Velodrome with the intention of seeing how I felt at the end of the creek (3k mark).  When I got there I didn’t feel any better, but not feeling any worse I continued, on up and around the horses and past the velodrome.  I pondered how the new state government “Super School” planned for this area was going to impact my run, but having know idea which green field it was going to be erected in quickly made that thought train boring.

With the state of my legs…tired that is…and a heavy schedule leading up to and over the weekend, I can’t see me staying on target with a 200+k month to reach my goal.  But how is that different to any of the goals I have set myself in the last three months?  They all went South pretty quickly.


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  1. You sound a bit flat mate. ((HUGS))

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