2008. What do I want to achieve.

So, now that I have committed to paying my blog a little bit more of the attention that it deserves, what am I going to be doing in 2008?  I started yesterday morning with a rather awkward 6k jog.  First things first…lose 8kg through better food selection and consistent training.  Then build up through the usual races to run a sub 4hr Adelaide Marathon in August, qualifing for 6 ft and feeling happier about my time.  I am also contemplating trying to get to Melbourne for their marathon, but will wait and see what the start of the year brings first.

Right now I am attempting to update my blog pages by finishing off the 2007 training pages and starting 2008 ones.



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2 responses to “2008. What do I want to achieve.

  1. How did you go with the 2007kms?

    You’ll love Melbourne – I hope to get there again for the half.

  2. Rachel

    Yep, hope to do the half in Melb this year too. Stu might even be tempted!

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