First Goal Down

Broke through the 100k for the month this morning.  I was so worried about not doing it (getting up and running that is) that I kept waking up all night starting at about 2:30am, just waiting for the clock to tick over 5:30am so I could get out and do my run.  Who needs solid sleep anyway.  Bella was even sleeping in front of the front door this morning too, but I just chucked her on the bed with Charlie (both dogs) and shut the bedroom door.

I did the same run as Monday but this time I started in the dark.  It has been so long since I have run in the morning darkness that I had forgotten how easy it was…mentally that is.  Physically it was still taxing and after crawling the first 4k I travelled the next 4k in sub 6min ks.  Thank goodness.  I thought my legs had forgotten how to run sub 6min ks.  I just hope they still remember how to run sub 5min ks.



Filed under Dry Creek, Training Run

2 responses to “First Goal Down

  1. Congratulations 🙂

  2. They’ll remember next time you do a short race.

    Well done on reaching the ton 🙂

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