Getting that fourth run in for the week was harder than I expected.  I slept in a bit on Saturday and then I thought my legs felt a bit sore so I took the dogs for a longer than usual walk instead.  Saturday afternoon/evening was spent at Elder Park for the free Symphony Under the Stars concert, so on Sunday I once again slept in and then went to dog training.  To tell the truth I was lazy and couldn’t be bothered getting up both mornings.  Sunday evening rocked around and after watching the Biggest Loser I went out for my 4th run for the week.  Just 6.3km.  I ran Dry Creek West, which always takes it out of me big time.  At the turn around I was all set to include another 2k at the end, but by the time I was 1/4 of the way back I just wanted it to be over.  The sun had set but the air was stifling.  It was warm and heavy.  Still 4 runs for the week though…yay me!

Now it is Monday morning and I have hit the wall, like I have been fighting off something all weekend with extra sleep (I forgot to mention that I had a 2hour nana nap on Sunday afternoon) .  Hope it buggers off soon. 


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  1. You say you had a nanna nap like it was a bad thing?
    Well done on the 4 runs

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