Two steps forward…one giant leap back!

I just clocked up another 0 km week.  It all began at the end of the previous week when work went nuts. (ie I worked 40hours in 3 days)  Between that and other commitments (mainly wedding planning) I just didn’t fit it in.  In my mind that is a reasonable excuse, but I also know that the last 7 days of idleness have been out of pure laziness.  It has been hot here and I think I have just been recovering from the busy 7 days before.

Regardless at the start of this week I felt fat, depressed and physically sick that I had run so little this year and was about to start out again.  This led me to put it off to today.  I didn’t run too far this morning because I didn’t want to break my spirit this early in another comeback, so just 3.9km.  Plus it meant I didn’t have to get up until 6am rather than 5:30am. 

I am not going to make any plans or targets now until I feel comfortably back into a rythm and I won’t be doing the Glenelg Classic on Sunday.  I aint driving all that way to not get a PB…I am too under-prepared.


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  1. Hang in there Simlin – try not to let the (unnecessary) self-blame sabotage your efforts. Everything goes in cycles – last year was your marathon year, this year is your wedding year – who knows what next year will bring?
    Welld one getting out there – it’s so easy to put it off ‘just a bit longer’ (I KNOW).
    keep blogging mate

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