The thought was too much

Yesterday as I lay in the dark at 5:30am, the thought of running 7km was just too much.  I just couldn’t comprehend, couldn’t contemplate and couldn’t convince myself to get up and get out there.  My God it is going to take some hard work to get back to were I was in September last year and I wasn’t ready to face it yet.  I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Later, after I had time to contemplate my early morning capitulation during a time of self reflection I realised what a stupid arse I was being and that if I didn’t do anything about it now, then I would slide even further back into idleness and be lost forever wallowing in a lazy, unhealthy, non-running life.  So it goes without saying that I put my running clothes on when I got home from work and then told TFMS that I would be running home form “The Plaza” after we picked up a few things during late night shopping.  That 5k trip should settle things down.

The trip turned out to be 6k because in a daze I took the wrong route at the start and had to loop around to where the trail I wanted to take started.  Oh how it hurt, but now looking back it was a good hurt.  Another 20 runs like that and I might be ready to tackle a 10k race.  I will have to start on Saturday by taking the dogs for a run along the beach…maybe.


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  1. Hey, if it helps, there are a few of us struggling with early mornings – it helps ME to get up to think of my friends, almost as though I’ll let them down if I go back to sleep. And I don’t think about running, geez, far too difficult. I just think about getting up and out the door. After my warmup walk I think about running. Hang in there Simlin

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