Cold and Windy

It was overcast, cold and windy this morning.  Perfect whether to take the dogs for their first run on the beach, leash free and without too many other people to distract them.  We ran down Semaphore beach for 2k into the wind and then turned for home as it was quarter to ten and the of leash time ended at 10am.  It was a nice run.  Didn’t feel too far and on the way home I felt like I wanted to run further.  Perfect feeling.  Now I am sitting on the couch (with the laptop obviously) and I have a dog curled up next to me on either side.  Poor little doggies, 4k is a long way…haha, they were still chasing seagulls at the end.



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2 responses to “Cold and Windy

  1. That’s good. Sounds like you’ve turned the corner/started towards that 10k race.

    At least the weather is a bit cooler this weekend.

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