Change of tune

There was a refreshing change of attitude this morning.  Obviously going to bed at 9:30pm last night did help a little.  As I lay in bed waiting for 5:30am I wasn’t dreading the though of heading out for a run I was thinking “how far can I go today” and then what the limiting factors where.  The most obvious one being time…I needed to be back by 6:45am so TFMS could go to work and the other was fitness and conditioning…how far could I actually run and still be able to train the rest of the week or even make it back. 

As it turned out I eventually set out on a 7.8km route at a dawdle (AKA +7min/k).  By the time I made it to (what I call) the half way point which is in-fact at 3.8km in this direction I had been running 26minutes.  Oh Dear!  I now had only 24 mins to cover the remaining 4k…time to boogaloo!  I hared off up the first of 2 short hills breathing hard by the time I got to the top and tried to maintain what I thought would be around 6min pace (it was too dark to see the garmin and I could be bothered looking).

I stopped the clock at the top of the nasty uphill section to home breathing harder than I have in months after a second half 4kms in 23mins…only to find TFMS sick and still in bed.  Oh, well, damn it felt good.  I got the dogs up and did 15 minutes of stretching.  I have been slack on the stretching over recent times and I have notice a bit of inflexibility creeping into my legs so I am making a conscious effort to stretch everyday from now on.


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  1. Well done!
    My husband leaves for work at 6.30 which makes it hard seeing as my normal pace is your dawdle LOL, but we gotta do what we gotta do, eh?
    Can you send some of your stretching discipline over here please?

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