March False Start

Well following on from my last run and post while I was at work on Saturday I worked until 4am.  That’s right 20hrs.  Then I worked another 40hrs over the next 4 days including 6 on Sunday.  ie no time and too tired for running.  So much for kick starting March.  At least now I have a 5 day weekend to get back on track…except that it is forecast for 38deg every day!

This morning I got up for a run at a normal hour (instead of 5:30am) and headed out the door at 7:30am.  The weather wasnt’ so bad yet and I trotted out a nice 8.6km run.  I chose a mish-mosh route to cut out as many ups and downs as possible as I wasn’t really feeling the need to flog my legs today.  With all that spare time I’ve had lately I did find time to put together another blog for some friends who share my love for a certain food group (well it should be a food group).


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  1. That blog is hilarious

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