Whinging broken record

I sound like a whinging broken record now, but yesterday…surprise, surprise was another 12+hr day and I missed my ride home (thereby not being able to leave the car at work and run in).  Luckily when leaving work at 8:30pm I also told my boss that I would be late this morning which gave me time for a 9.6k run, a walk for the doggies and a play on my guitar.  I only left home when it was getting too hot inside without the  on. (10am).

The run was definitely warmer than last weeks two 7:30am runs but at least there was a bit of cloud cover once the sun had come up properly to protect me from its harsh rays.  No relief in sight with regards to the weather either.  We just broke the March record for longest heat wave (over 35°C), which was 8 days.  We are on day 9 now and the forecast is for 38-39°C for the next 7 days.  Oh joy.

 edit: almost forgot…I ordered a Garmin Forerunner 305 for my Birthday! YAY!


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