Looking back

I got off my lard behind today and ran to work…10.7km.  It was hot as hell in the pre-dawn light but never the less I toughed it out with minimal fuss.  There was a lot of huffing and puffing though.  What has me depressed and motivated at the same time (which is a little weird) has been looking back at my schedule for last year and realising what a completely different place I am in right now.  This time last year I was running to work in the morning and then running home again in the evening twice a week.  For a start the weather must have been cooler, but just checking out the kms I was covering at the same time last year has me worried that I won’t even come close to a PB for the Half marathon in May.  What I need to focus on is the fact that my goal this year is solely the Marathon.  Last year I was training for the SMH half in Sydney.

 Oh dear, I have the feeling I jsut tried to blurt everything out at once so none of the above will make sense…I am not game enough to re-read it.



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3 responses to “Looking back

  1. You’re torturing yourself by wanting PBs all the time – try and keep your mind on what you really want – the marathon! When is it again (sorry I’ve forgotten)?

  2. Made perfect sense to me

    Looking at your training log for the year so far it seems that we are in a similar place with our mileage (and possibly motivation). I managed to get out at 5am for a “jog” and it was already 19 degrees and 93% humidity!!!

    I’m sure it’ll pick up soon. Which HM are you doing in May? Are you heading over our way for the SMH again??

  3. You’ve had a tough stretch of weather! I think I’d be running at 3am, or not at all, if I lived in Adelaide.

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