Canyon Run

The Canyon Run was discovered by a work colleague, lets call him J-Wi, and I last year when we extended our normal playground run around the quarry in what was an exploration of the surrounding bush.  Basically the run starts from work and goes up the hill to the playground and then around the Quarry and back.  Back in those days, post marathon, I was so much fitter and only struggled on one hilly section up to “The Rocks”, but this time I struggled on every uphill section.

On the inaugural run we named different landmarks to guide a second expedition over the correct route and vowed to take a camera with the second expedition to photograph the landmarks.  Well today I remembered my camera and we set off for (probably the last) Canyon Run… J-Wi is leaving the company in a few weeks.

Now, obviously I haven’t downloaded the photos yet, or the data from my new garmin, but I will edit the post over the week end to give a pictorial view of the route.  That is, only if the photos didn’t all come out blurry!

I was planning to head over to Athlestone for the “Dead Flat Run” put on by the Athlestone Athletic Club tomorrow, but today’s run up hills no-where near as steep as those I would encounter tomorrow has kind of put me off.  I am just not up for it yet…plus I have run close to 20k in the last 2 days coming off minimal totals the last couple of months!


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