How stupid was I?  Yesterday I took my car key off my keyring and put it in a safe place at home to lighten the load on the morning run to work.  So when I went to open my locker yesterday after work to get out my stinky running clothes to take home…I realised I didn’t have a car key to drive the car home…dumb.  So I quickly took off my steel caps, dropped trou’, stuffed them into my locker and donned my stinky running shorts and shoes…I then hopped it out to the car park and managed to beg a ride home.  Then what to do?

I wasn’t planning to run to work again till Friday.  So after packing a backpack with a fresh shirt and smalls I went to bed.  The alarm woke me up (correction the alarm woke TFMS up and she poked me until I woke up) at 5:45am.  It was cold, dark and my knees ached.  OK 15 minutes more in bed and then I will take the short 7.8km route to work instead of the 10.7km hilly route…or I could sleep in till 7am and call for someone to pick me up on the way in?  This is were the momentum from the last couple of weeks helped to roll me out of bed and into my shoes.

The run in was OK, but it was by far the chilliest morning of the year.  I took it slow because as well as my legs being sore, I was also carrying a backpack for the first time in a long time.  Tomorrow I will now rest, and sleep in.



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3 responses to “Dumb

  1. sunny1

    Locked my car key in the car, took house key with me on a run once! Didn’t realise until I had finished run. Had to run home to get car key, run back with spare key, then drive home!
    Glad you froze this morning because I ran at 5.00 and it took me about 2 hrs to warm up afterwards!

  2. I’ve done this or something similar to it so many times it’s not funny. And besides, you’ve got other things on your mind.

    Take it easy, and make sure you enjoy this weekend!


  3. 2P

    Nice work Sim – I’ve done that a few times meself.

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