Nothing ventured nothing gained.  I am running the half.

Last night I was cleaning up the spare room and BAM! kicked the table.  Ouch.  Later my toe (the one next to the little toe) was a little sore and a little red, so what did I do?  Went for a 10k run of course.

The toe was only a little irritable during the run.  4k into the run the heavens opened and I got wet.  This was the first time in a long time that it has rained during a run and it felt great, washing away all the stop-start training for the last 4 months and allowing me to start afresh.  It wasn’t pissy little rain either it was a downpour, I was soaked and my hands were numb with the cold (mid-run, which hadn’t happened before).

After a couple of minutes the rain stopped and I soon got feeling back in my hands, but then instead of running up the hill to home after the 8k loop I turned back down dry creek (in the dark…living dangerously running over the muddy track) for another 2k.  Next minute the heavens opened again and I got soaked over the last 5 minutes.

When I got home I took my shirt off and wrung it out before venturing inside and then my shoes and socks.  MMmm my toe was now fully a nice shade of dark purple…tasty.  It was obviously uncomfortable getting to sleep last night and walking this morning but I am confident that it wont fall off…at least not today.


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