Race Report – Greenbelt Half marathon – 21.1km bikepath

Trepidation.  That is how I started today’s run.  It was forecast for a warmer day then usual…no hail this year.

After I arrived at the start line on the bus we went to collect our numbers…quickly overwhelming the volunteer giving them out.  He asked for volunteers and no-one came forward and then he asked me so I took the M-Z number pickups.  My first duty as an official SARRC member (that is right I have finally joined).

With 10 minutes now to the start I quickly put on my race number, garmin and garmin heart rate monitor before throwing my bag into the bag trailer and taking a quick happy snap of CRs It’s fun at the back of the pack and Cakeboy.  The crowd gathering at the start line seemed larger than normal and I made my way to the back of the pack.  Moments later we were off with out much fuss and no sooner had we started then I found myself dead last with only 2 cyclists behind me.

Race Green Belt Half Marathon 4-05-2008, Pace

20km to go and I started to move through the field with my pace quickening.  In no time I was doing 5:45 /km and passing IFATBOTP.  Way too fast with no training and by half way I had to do something to stem the pace or I would blow up.

At the second drink stop I made the snap decision to stop and wait for an SARRC member I new would run a sensible pace.  He was planning on Race Green Belt Half Marathon 4-05-2008, Elevation - Distancecontinuing 6min/km to the finish so I tagged along.  I struggled through a few kilometers but strangely enough my average heart rate started to drop.  With 3k to go I left the SARRC member and pushed on, as his pace was slowing beyond 6min/km.

I finished in 2hr6min23sec just scraping under an average of 6min/km.

After the race I stuck around for the presentations and random draw prizes before heading up to O’Connell street for a CR get together.  It was great to catch up with Ratdog, SouthAustralian, Its Fun At the Back Of The Pack, Colsy, Cakeboy, CrowPower and Sunny1 (who didn’t come to brunch but was did the 10k race).



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3 responses to “Race Report – Greenbelt Half marathon – 21.1km bikepath

  1. Sekhmet

    Pah! I think you’ve been doing secret training with that time 😦

  2. supachick

    Yeah – I’m with Sekhmet with that one.
    Bloody amazing for no training!

  3. Not bad! Still got my beers on Rachel for the next one 😉

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