Midday Run

Today it was time to get back to the lunchtime run so I headed out with a colleague for turn around the original flat 5.3k circuit.  Nothing much to report.  It wasn’t too fast or too slow and we just got it done with chit-chat about this and that.

I have been deliberately running shorter runs during the week lately to counter act the dramatic increase in long run distance.  I intend to go out for a 20-25k run this Saturday but I don’t want to increase my overall mileage for the week.  This seems at least half sensible to me, obeying at least half the ol’ 10% rule.  I planned out my long run/race plan up until the marathon yesterday.  Last year I was only running for the first time the intermediate race distances on the day but this year I want to be a step ahead ie I want to have run 30k 2 weeks prior to the 20k River Run.  Plus this plan has 4-5 30kplus runs and the schedule is more realistic than last year (now that I have that experience under my belt).

The 42.2 +110 ≤ 4 has taken a bit of a battering since last Friday so I think that this Friday will be an uninspiring gain.


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  1. Fingers crossed that Friday will be inspiring

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