4 Weeks Notice

I resigned from my job today…well gave my 4 weeks notice anyway.  It was interesting when considering other offers how much  weight was put on how far it was from home (i.e. running distance)…it is 10k…and if they had a shower at work I can use…yes they do.  It wasn’t the first job I have been for in the last year and not even the first job offer I have had in the last year, but the opportunity is good and time is definitely right to move on.

So to celebrate I ran home.  My hamstrings felt a bit twingey all the way home but they lasted and I even surprised myself by running all the way up the hill.  It’s been 3 days since my last run, not by design, but the rest has been good.  On another note I now am a card carrying member of the SARRC…finally.  Just in time too as there is a running group in the morning that leaves from just around the corner of the new job and another running group that leaves from that side of town.  It is about time I joined some group runs!



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2 responses to “4 Weeks Notice

  1. sunny1

    Yaaayyyy! See you there!

  2. Congratulations – where are you off to?

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