Music Challange

OK, just for Beki.

It would take me weeks to do this list properly.  My music loves swing wildly from week to week so I have included a selection of songs that have been on my playlists highest rotation. (and obviously limited to one song per artist)  Starting with John Butler and Betterman for the top spot and then continuing on with, in no particular order:

  1. Powederfinger – Passenger
  2. The Living End – Bloody Mary
  3. Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – Drunk Daddy
  4. Cake – Nugget
  5. Evanescence – Going Under
  6. Jack Johnson – Bubble Toes
  7. Ben Folds – Fired
  8. Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now
  9. Guns ‘n Roses  – Sweet Child ‘o Mine
  10. Black Eyed Peas – Anxiety

As for the most embarrassing.  There are far too many to name but I always sing with Gusto What About Me?, especially the Shannon Noel version.





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6 responses to “Music Challange

  1. My most embarrassing song is moving right along from the Muppet Movie (or possibly Feargal Sharkey ‘you little thief’?)

  2. Sekhmet

    Oh, Shannon Noll, that’s pretty bad 😯

  3. Sekhmet

    Oh, and I can’t hear that Queen track without thinking of “Shawn of the Dead: 😆

  4. supachick

    With similar tastes in music (but you don’t have enough/any silverchair in there) I have to admit to another Shannon Noll – Drive – just love it!

  5. sunny1

    Glad you mentioned Queen, otherwise there would be none on that list that I would recognise!
    ‘Twas cold and windy at the river, but we had a new coach (friend of one of the SA Olympic rowers!) to meet, pizza and fizzy drink – so we were fine! (next door had a string quartet, champange and very unsuitable shoes, but we managed to ignore them!)

  6. When you sing ‘What About Me’, does it get you to the front of the Woolies queue?

    I almost had Queen’s ‘I Want It All’ in my list.

    Good priorities with the new job 🙂

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