May is Half Marathon Month

Received my Barossa Half race number in the mail yesterday. 6454.

This weeks training has so far been light, a run home from work and back again this morning over the shortest route (7.7km).  I am planning one more 7.7km run before Sunday, that way keeping my weekly total to just over 40km.  That has been my strategy for the last month…manipulating my weekly runs so that the weekly total is no more then 40-44km while incorporating the necessary long runs or half marathons.

The plan for the half is still to run 6min/k pace the whole way.  In reality I see it panning out like this:  The course is a 7km circuit, so there will be 3 laps.  I will most likely run the first lap easy at 6min/km pace as I have not seen the course before and this will give me the chance to scope out the gradient of the hill.  On the second lap the pace will likely increase to up to 5:45min/k and the final lap will go one of two ways…I will either be able to maintain the faster pace or will fade back to 6min/k because I don’t have the fitness back yet to run sub 6min/k pace for 21.1k.

At least the weather forecast presently is favourable with a temperature of 18°C predicted for Sunday.



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2 responses to “May is Half Marathon Month

  1. cakeboy

    Yes, that hill is a worry. I haven’t done the run since 1999, and, try as I might, I can’t remember how long or steep it is……possibly long but not too steep..

    My plan will be the same as yours; take it out easy and then try and push the second lap…then hang on…

    Good luck and see you Sunday.

    cheers Dave

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