Melbourne ’08?

I am thinking of running in Melbourne in October.  Well I have been thinking that all year but I am now making my thinking official.  Initially at the start of the year I was thinking seriously about running the marathon…it is 6 weeks after the Adelaide Marathon.  Just this last week i have decided that the Half Marathon is more realistic and that I should try and get my HM PB down under 1hr55min.  At least doing the half the trip will be enjoyable but won’t kill me.

Yesterday I allowed myself a rest day after my body told me it needed one, but this morning I was up and out the door before 6am…even if my body was a little reluctant.  I ran 9.3k at a reasonably slow clip (just over an hour), as you might have realised I am not into speed training.  I am planning a middle distance (about 16km) slow run tomorrow to bring my May total up over 200km and my weekly total up over 40km.



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4 responses to “Melbourne ’08?

  1. rachel49

    Melbourne half is my priority for the second half of the year. Our Track group goes down in a bus and trains focused for the event at that time of year. Should be a good weekend. Not sure about doing the half in Adelaide. I still don’t have a 10k time….. and want to run the City to Bay. Might end up being too many weekends away especially seeing as I have a course in Adelaide in August and Bendigo in October. Better check these events don’t clash…..

  2. It will be cool to finally meet you in real life!

  3. It would be great to see you in Melbourne!

  4. So you’re doing the Adelaide half and the Melbourne full? I hope to be in Melbourne for the half – if we get a repeat of last year’s weather it should be a great weekend.

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