Personal Worst Route

OK sickos, stop snickering.  I ran home last night with out much fanfare.   I ran a little harder than the previous days double but not so hard that I was home in 50minutes.

This morning setting out for my longer route to work the legs were not going to cooperate.  They creaked and moaned un-unusually high amount for only being 26 years young.  Oh dear it was going to be a tough run.  It was a slow shuffle to beat all my other slow shuffles.  With 2k to go I realised that if I didn’t get a wriggle on the 10.7km was going to take me longer than 1hr20mins.  This shocked the legs into action to put in a 5:30 kilometre split before I dawdled through the front gates of work in a PW time.  Tomorrow is a rest day.



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2 responses to “Personal Worst Route

  1. OMG that’s slower than I ran the 10km in my Olympic distance tri LOL how can you look yourself in the mirror?
    Serioulsy – 10k each way? Well done!

  2. Lulu

    Glad to see you are getting back to some serious training (twice a day is madness) and have a serious goal in mind ( Melbourne!)

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