CR 5k Challenge – July 2008

The inaugural Adelaide CR 5k Challenge was always going to be tough.  Why?  Because I could hardly move my back due to a rather nasty Go-Karting session on Friday night.  I turned up not long after 6:30am to be shortly joined by Sunny1, Itsfun…, Colsy, Cakeboy, Fitnhealthy and eventually SouthAustralian.  It was still dark as we set off in search of the appropriate distance marker to make 5k 2 and a bit loops.

SouthAustralian set off first at 5 to 7 followed by me at 7am.  The first kilometer was hard but I managed a little over 6min.  It didn’t get easier from there but once I was warmed up a little it didn’t quite hurt so much and I was able to set into a rather surprising sub 6 pace, breathing hard over the last kilometer to finish in 28min33sec.

Race CR 5k Challange (Uni Loop) 28-06-2008, Pace



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4 responses to “CR 5k Challenge – July 2008

  1. You were a part of coolrunning history…how excitement! Where’s the photos? 😉


    Hi Simlin, great to hear you are still trotting along although sounds like you have been battling a few injuries, which is incredibly surprising for a runner:)
    Hope you are on the mend & look forward to catching up with you in the not too distant future as i have started running again this last week after a year or so off.
    will update my blog in the next week or so but starting from scratch again but looking forward nevertheless. sounds like there is a stronger running community in SA now so keen to get together soon

    cheers Chris

  3. Go the crows (or port). I’m enjoying how the SA’s are taking over CoolRunning 🙂

    That’s an unusual pacing graph – strange looking 1st and last kms.

    Yes, not sure about the full mary. 6 weeks of training left – you could finish it, but how pretty would it be?

  4. rachel49

    Dito to what Ewen said re full mary. You had more training under your belt last year. Do you want to improve or make a monster of it. How about half for SA and full fo Melb? It will give 3 months from now.

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