I gave myself a standing 10 count this morning.  It was hard and I had to do some comfort eating and probably some retail therapy tomorrow but I have finally decided to drop the marathon this year. AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! it kills me to say that.  Time to concentrate on the shorter distances.

This morning in a last ditched effort to save my training I was going to pop a few ibuprofen and go out for a LSD…unfortunately after a few white wines last night I got cramp in both calves during the night and pain down my right buttock.  Hence I made the decision to pull the pin.



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4 responses to “T.K.O

  1. I had decided I was doing the marathon again this year, but pulled the pin a week or two ago – I feel much better about it now – a weight off the shoulders – your pain will pass too 🙂

  2. Rundave

    Sorry to hear that. I have pulled the plug on the Marathon too. Concentrating on other events now.

  3. Good. You’re not avoiding Rachel in the half 😉 I’m avoiding both of you – the 10k for me in Melbourne.

    The marathon will always be there – best to be faster at the shorter stuff then your marathon won’t take so long.

  4. Crap.
    Are you doing the half in Melbourne?

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