Broken Record

So many times this year I have said, “I’m still here” It is getting to be like a broken record.  Obviously after finally pulling the pin on any marathon ideas I have been feeling a bit down.  No matter, on Sunday I joined in a great CR group run up the Winter track off Waterfall Gully rd and back down Chambers Gully track.  The route was awesome and not too steep.  If I wasn’t so un-fit and carrying too many extra kegs then most of the uphill would have been runnable… alas I still walked a large portion of it.  We even ran on part of a track that can be seen from Greenhill Rd, along a ridge which I have often commented to anyone listening as I hurtle down Greenhill Rd, that I will run that track some day.  Well now I have.

The trip downhill was a long slow descent, without many too steep for a wuss like me to run down bits, and obviously CR TokenAmerican wasn’t trouble by loose footing or stray rocks as half way down we came to a halt after he spotted a Koala.  From then on the descent was interspersed with short breaks to view the Koalas.  One koala was only a few meters away at head height…leading to typical comments like…”the one time you don’t bring your camera”.  There will always be next time.  I don’t think I ran the hills, up or down, hard enough yesterday as my legs feel better then they have for a couple of weeks.

I am contemplating doing the 15km event at the SARRC River Run.  This will give me a very likely chance of running a PB as my 15km PB is very soft given I have only run this event once before and I limped the second half with ITB issues.



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2 responses to “Broken Record

  1. Sounds like a great run! I’ve never seen a koala in the wild before!!!

  2. You’ll have to fix that wuss problem if you ever run 6′ track – the last descent is a doozy.

    Good luck in the 15k!

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