I am in the middle of a lul, or as some might call it, downtime.  Not from running, I am still getting out there, but from the internet and its all consuming power.  Coolrunning is still there and I still read all the SA threads and post a little, but I haven’t found the time to read any other threads or blogs.  Damn this new job and the fact I have actual work to do now.  My training schedule is gradually resuming normal transmission, but I am still struggling to get up to 4 runs a week.  It is definitely more relaxed now that I don’t have to worry about doing 42.2km in a month, no pressure to get out there and run for hours…just as long as I feel like.

Yesterday I faxed off my entry into the River Run 15km event.  I did this distance two years ago and walked most of the way back from the turn around so it should be an easy PB.  The race report will probably be my next entry as the urge to post about my training is also in down time with no real goal left to train for this year…plenty of events just no major goal.



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2 responses to “Down-Time

  1. Now you can enjoy it more without the huge pressure – it will probably mean you end up with a better long-term outcome, ie more marathons in the future!


    Hang in there mate & just enjoy turning the legs over. It’s disappointing i’m sure to cancel the marathon but the great thing about running is that there’s one of those, somewhere, just about every month as you know, so it doesn’t mean another year of delay, just a few months until you & your body are ready again.
    Enjoy some smaller wins over shorter distances and don’t sweat the big stuff.

    keep smiling


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