Grand Occasion

I have run 3 times this week so far, which means I am slowly getting back into some decent training (touch wood of course).  The usual 7.7km morning loop from home has now been extended back to a 9.2k loop I used to do last year when 7.7km wasn’t long enough.  So two of those 9.2k runs this week, the first in 1hr flat…geez that was good running after the 15km race on Sunday and then to my surprise 55mins flat for the second…scorching for me on a training run…especially a reasonably hilly one…maybe I am getting some speedines back?  I wish.

This morning was a Grand occasion.  The first time I have run to work (at my new job).  Gmap-pedometer had measured the distance to be 10k even via the shortest route I could find, but with some crafty corner cutting this morning I managed to sneak it down to 9.7km in an hour.  Pity it was all on roadside footpath, which is not what I am used to, so next time I will be running in along the Torrens.  This will make it, I guess, 3km longer because the river twists and turns and so on, but it will be much more pleasant running the 3km to the Torrens and then 9km along the Torrens and 1km through the back streets to work…probably a nice midweek medium distance run.

OK, enough jabbering on now. Tomorrow is the CR 5km Challenge.  I would love to go for 25mins, but I think I will stick to just beating my time from a month ago and go under 28mins.  Expect a race report tomorrow.



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3 responses to “Grand Occasion

  1. TOH

    I wish I could be running 3 times in a week. Good luck tomorrow I reckon you will smash your time with all of this express training you have been fitting in 😉

  2. Go out at 5s (not 4:50s) and see how you go. Nothing to lose, and an honest race will show up any weaknesses. Good luck, and say g’day to all the Adelaide CRs for me 🙂

  3. You know what? You are so baaaaack! That’s great 🙂

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