CR 5km Challenge – August 2008

6:45am, the first Saturday of the month…what better place to be than the Adelaide Uni Loop running track for the 2nd Adelaide CR 5km Challenge.  I started at 7:02:30am with the aim of running 5:30min/km and taking off it felt like I was all ready pushing over the first couple of hundred metres.  It felt like I was keeping up a steady pace and I caught up to a girl who looked like she was running a couple of laps.  The first km ticked up in 5:19, faster than planned, and from there the legs just churned over at a constant rate.  Once I caught the girl I never got the opportunity to pass here as it seemed like she sped up a little to pull a couple of metres ahead.  It felt like I was a creepy guy, but I was flat to the boards and at my limit so I settled in about 20m behind.

Race CR 5k Challange (Uni Loop) 2-08-2008, Pace I caught Frank quite early because he started late and passed Itsfun…with 600m to go.  I would have loved to put on a spurt over that last half a kilometre to really bring it home but we come back to that all ready going flat out thing.

Long story short I pretty much held the 5:18min/km for the whole 5k finishing in 26:21 my fastest timed 5k…of course I have run 12km at 5:04min/km pace…but hopefully that will come next month.


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  1. Good run. Perfect pacing! 5s are doable next month.

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