It wasn’t hard getting up this morning to go for a run, but that doesn’t mean I am not yawning my head of now.  Last weeks 2 runs of the same route I was planning this morning were done at 6:30 and 6:00 min/k pace respectively, but this morning I needed an easy/recovery run so I didn’t turn the garmin backlight on and didn’t look at the watch till the end of the run.  The run ended up being at about 7:00min/km pace which was good because I have the first Corporate Cup run for the year tomorrow.

This morning in the blackest part of the route due to inadequate street lighting and no footpath I got a rude shock when running around a bush that juts out onto the road verge I spied teh sillohette of a mound of dirt, crap!  What is this all about, and then for the next 100m I held my breath as the ground surface had been torn up by a bob-cat and was soft, muddy and slippery.  Few, came through with both ankle intact.  That’s my win for today.

Tomorrows Corporate Cup run is longer than in previous years (4.3km to 4.5km) and on a tougher course so I am not expecting the times of last year, but hopefully in this first run I can go under 25mins.


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