Yurrebilla Sekrit Training

Valley View Waterfall Gully 24-08-2008 This morning I met Sunny1 at the gate to the Waterfall Gully carpark, 6am, for some of her sekrit Yurrebilla training…someone had to make sure she didn’t drown again… It was dark so we started with torches and ran  up to Eagle On The Hill and then down and out the back of Waite Campus.  It was beautiful country although very muddy underfoot and I rolled my ankle trying to dodge a particularly slippery bit.  If it is a wet weekend this part of the track will be extremely difficult.

We stopped shortly after passing into Waite Campus and looked out across the valley to the Belair water tower…the start of the track…running back up to Eagle On the Hill, we didn’t see many cyclists.  Back to the highway which is the track from Waterfall Gully up to My Lofty if only for 500m until we turned off onto a steep section of the Yurrebilla up to Cleland wildlife park.

Valley View Waterfall Gully 24-08-2008, Elevation - Distance

Once we were up to the perimeter track around the wildlife park the track flattened out (relatively) and there were only 2 steep sections of note between the wildlife park and Greenhill Road making for pleasant running.

Kangaroos and birds abounded but I was struggling, feeling the burn in the calf and then especially the toes on downhills.  At Greenhill rd I took my cap off and drank a bottle of water (fuelbelt bottle) before turning around and heading back to Waterfall Gully.

Valley View Waterfall Gully 24-08-2008, Pace The pace was pedestrian at about 8:30min/km as we walked most hills, but that is fast enough for the slower of the Yurrebilla groups.  Who knows if I can keep that up for another 34km?  On today’s effort I think I would be in a world of hurt.



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4 responses to “Yurrebilla Sekrit Training

  1. 2P

    Nice work mate – I love a good elevation profile. The trail looks good too – I’m envious.

  2. rachel49

    You will have to draw me a better map so I can check it out during my many travels to Waite campus over the next three years!

  3. Take out the climb at the start and that looks just like the 6′ profile!

  4. sunny1

    Noice profile, sekrit run buddy!

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