1000 Coolrunning Posts

It’s hard to believe but today I posted for the 1000th time on Coolrunning, I owe so much of my running success to this little gem of a community.  After all it was through Coolrunning that I started my first blog, Big Expectations, which has now morphed into his little ditty. I thought I would share the post here:

Why now? why CR? On reflection of what made a permanent running routine stick this time (yes I had run before my initiation into CR in burst s of a month or two at a time before it just got too hard or I lost interest) Coolrunning always rises to the top of the list.
After a short, but painful (shin splints) burst of running to complete the City to Bay in ’06 I started doing 3 runs a week for a total of 8k a week in December of the same year under the delusion that if I kept this up for a year I would better my C2B time. By January I was doing three 4km runs a week and by February three 5km runs. I think this was the tipping point…was I going to overcome and push through to be a runner or was I going to slide back down into the depth of couch-potatoism.
I bring you Coolrunning. After googling running on the internet to determine where I should go from here I came across a forum discussing a run I had never heard of…6 Foot…talk about a run to capture the imagination. I joined straight away 2nd February 2006. It became engrossing reading all of the race reports and I even wandered onto other threads.
To use a running analogy, suddenly I was no longer trying to complete a Sunday long run by myself with only my meaningless and negative thoughts for company, without even headphones and music to provide motivation…I was completing it with thousands of other runners, some of the same ability and some with years of experience, all chatting, gossiping, exchanging tidbits of advice and generally having a merry old time. Boy did the time and kilometers fly past then.
Before I knew it I; owned a Garmin; had completed 10k, 21k and 42.2km runs; regularly blogged; had met up with visiting interstate CRs for a run; owned a fuelbelt; was travelling interstate for a run and actually “knew” people there; was doing a full load of running clothes a week in the washing machine…and all those other wonderfall things on the 10 ways to know you are a runner thread.
Coolrunning gave me an outlet to explore my new found love of running, the challenges, the enjoyment, the pain, when all my friends thought I was crazy or couldn’t be bothered getting up at 5am for a run. For this I am thankful for CR and proud to be a part of the community. On February 2nd 2006 I would never have dreamt of running a half marathon, let alone a full marathon but I have done all that and now, only 2 weeks out from what will be my 4th City to Bay, I have taken the final plunge into the depths of running. I have official entered the SARRC Yurrebilla trail run on the 28th of September, a new 54km trail run in South Australia.
If there is one thing I wish to pass onto any fruit from my loins, it will be the love of running, and perhaps they will be a Coolrunner too.
Simlin (1000 posts)

It is true that CR became like a group of friends I could discuss running with, which kept me interested enough to push beyond a fleeting fad into a full blown obsessive pass time.  Now through the the people I have met on CR I no longer do all my training alone…I have branched off from my shy little solo world and do “group runs” and even initiated the CR 5km Challenge.  I have more ideas for runs, so maybe in the next few years I might throw some ideas to the SARRC and become a race director? Who knows…anything is possible.


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  1. Good 1000th! Now I’ll have to go and find it on CoolRunning 🙂

    Hope to see you one day in March at the Explorers’ Tree.

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