Tuesday Morning Group

Well, I finally made it to the Tuesday Morning SARRC running group at Norwood Bowl…and I even managed to get CR Kaybee there after 2 PMs.  My calves have been sore the last two days but I am not sure if it was from the Black Hill recon, or the 4km I ran with the dogs on Sunday.  Apart from the calves I am still a little tight across the chest, but pushing through.

Running with the group was a lot of fun and I managed to run most of the route tailing at the back of the slower half of the group before taking a shortcut at the end to cut of a kilometer.  My calves are still sore now, so I don’t think I will be pressing for a new PB at the corporate cup run tomorrow…which leaves one more CC run to get under 22min30sec for the 4.5km.  If I can get under that I will be well on the way to a sub 25min 5km time at the next CR 5km Challenge.


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