Just not enough.

Don’t tell CR Kaybee… who will accuse me of not running hard enough this morning when we ran the Black Hill Challenge route, but when I got home Mrs Simlin was still in bed…I was all ready dressed…smelly…and up so I grabbed the leads and took the dogs our for a “recovery” 4km run.

This morning a small group of 5 of us set off on the Black Hill Challenge route.  It keeps getting harder and harder every week, or maybe I am running harder? I don’t know.  With two gun runners burning up the trail in front of us we toiled our way to the top and back.  It took about the same time as last week and the weather (forecast top of 37deg) wasn’t as oppressive as it could have been.

I will be far more relaxed tonight at my works annual dinner knowing that I have done all my weekend running all ready.



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3 responses to “Just not enough.

  1. Kaybee

    Mrs Simlin needs to meet you with the dogs post run next week, as next weeks Black Hill route just gained 4kms. At least that way i don’t need to have the knowledge around the 8k mark that she is still tucked up asleep!

  2. TerryC

    You have such a suspenseful way of writing, Simlin… I was worried just what you were about to tell us (and did we really need to know…? )

    “Mrs Simlin was still in bed… I was all… smelly… so I grabbed the… ”

    What a relief to read it was only the dogs that got walked…!

  3. sunny1

    Hmmm. An extra 4km hey?! Track was nice and damp/soft today!

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