One All.

I said it last week and I will say it again…every week running up Waterfall Gully is getting harder.  No surprises this week that it was harder, especially seeing as I am still recovering from the Tuesday morning group run.

The morning started out very painfully when one of my dogs, Bella the Bitch, decided that a piece of stray plastic blowing around the back yard was a threat to our home and encoaching on her urinating territory.  After saving her from the attach of the polyurethane, I walked back down the halway and smacked by upper shin on a tv.  Why was the tv there? It is on the way out to a garage sale. OW! I should have a nice bruise there by tonight.

Next came my dogged attack up to Waterfall Gully.  This morning it was like me trying to put on a pair of “skinny” jeans…a big struggle…then if I do manage to get them on I can’t move my legs to walk anyway?  The descent was, perhaps for the first time since I started doing waterfall gully runs, at a very conservative pace which I liked very much, made all the better by the company.

Finally the pool carpark came into sight again.  No sprint in my legs this week, Christ i’d do a hammy.  That’s when I blacked out.  When I came too I had slowly picked up the pace and snuck up behind KB and was racing her to the finish.  Luckily for me when I woke up I also came to my senses, realising that today I didn’t have the strength to out sprint KB to the line. That’s one all KB…one all.

Thus ends the month of October. 160km this month and following Yurrebilla recovery, training for my next goals and ultimately that 4hr marathon has started in earnest .  Looking back at my training this year it is pitiful when compared to the last.  My biggest month by far was only 190km, while last year I did 4 months with more kilometers…it is almost time to bring back the long run.


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  1. Good luck, and go for it, in the 5k tomorrow.

    Your CC wasn’t too bad considering your awesomely fast run the previous day. Good stuff.

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