Will my legs fall off?

Will my legs fall off? That is the burning question at the moment.  I have now run 9 days in a row and I am sure I am feeling it in my knees…or is that just paranoia setting in because I know I have run 9 days in a row? Tomorrow I will go for a lunch time run around work, play Rec Footy in the evening and then Thursday is my scheduled rest day.  Last week I ran on Thursday because my usual evening activity was cancelled for the week (band practice/jamming with the Tax Evaders).

This mornings Tuesday group run was just as hard as last week.  It was further (by 500m) but slightly slower in average pace. At times it felt like the hardest run in months, when I dropped behind the group, and at others it felt like the best run in months, when I powered off ahead. It is always good to get a crap run out of the way in the build up to a paid event (well the entry form for the Black Hill Challenge is still sitting on my desk, but I will enter, I promise).  It sort of clears the system.

Tonight I am going to see “The Spirit of the Marathon” a documentary about running a marathon.  Hopefully it is inspiring enough to further motivate me to continue with my push for a sub 4hr marathon later next year.


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One response to “Will my legs fall off?

  1. sunny1

    Didn’t know that you actually play in a band!

    Don’t run your little legs completely off before sunday!

    Do they make machines with hayfever?

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