Velocity Red goes faster.

It has been a bit of a hectic week since Tuesday.  Wednesday I had a training course in North Adelaide and then headed to the South Parklands for Rec Footy. The plan was to get there early and go for a run with the 5:30pm SARRC running group…alas it took me 45mins to get there due to the stabbings in the city so I missed the run and watched our first team win quite easily in the first game (we have two teams and the teams are decided on Mondays based on who is available at the given game times). I was named in the second team and ran around as one of the two centres for ¾ of the match.  By then we were 80 points in front so I let someone else have a run through the middle and went down back. This week I pulled up all right afterwards with no hamstring soreness.

Thursday morning I set out for a morning run from home for the first time in months and decided to do what I like to call – the hardest 10km from home (along dry creek trail and then up and around the velodrome trail).  It was hot (surprisingly hot for 6am in the morning) and tough, causing me to stop at the drinking fountain in the dog park on the way back.  Did I mention the flies? I did pull up with a sore right hamstring after the run but compensated by buying a new Velocity Red coloured car after my training course finished.Mazda 6 Wagon

I had decided last week that I was going to switch from the Waterfall Gully group (or B team) and go for my first run with the other group (or A team).  The route selected was called “The Goat Track”…like I had any idea where or what that was…and started with a nice “gentle” warm up up Glynburn Rd.  Yay! I used the hamstring as an excuse to stop and walk the final 100m and then waited for another runner setting off again as a group of 3.

We were behind the main bunch and there was some confusion about which road to turn down.  In the end we ran a couple of hundred metres too far down the hill, cut into a back street and ran back up the hill until we got to the spot where we were supposed to be.

Goat Track 14-11-2008, Elevation - DistanceAfter some discussion about what we should do next we set off for The Goat Track as there was talk of a short cut around it to make up time. Sure enough when we got to the start of The Goat Track we ran up a sharp incline into a coulter sack and were shortly on the road down, where we saw some of the front runners who had done extra up the road from the end of The Goat Track.

The run actually seemed to ramble along much like this post.

The run down the road was a little painful on the toes, but the view of Adelaide was stunning and it was nice looking down into the gully with the main pack winding their way along the road.

We made it back to the car park for 10k in 1hr8mins and I felt better (read less stuffed) then I would have had I run up to Waterfall Gully…it must have been all the walking breaks up hills.



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2 responses to “Velocity Red goes faster.

  1. sunny1

    Nice car! Well done on the Friday run.

  2. Cool car. If I wanted something bigger than the Corolla I’d be seriously tempted by the 6.

    Your training is going well – good to see!

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